ELYRIA -- Greg Wiley at the Friendship APL in Elyria tells Channel 3 that a kitten found frozen to the ground is doing well in his temporary foster home.

The story of the kitten-- now known as Frosty-- has captured plenty of attention.

A woman found the kitten on Gateway Boulevard Monday morning. She brought the kitten to the Friendship APL and they took the iced-over kitten to a veterinarian.

Wiley said the kitten's tail was frozen solid and it is not known whether the tail will survive.

The vet gave the kitten, thought to be about five to six months old, some antibiotics for a suspected upper respiratory infection.

The kitten was taken back to the Friendship APL where they began keeping him warm

The next few days will be crucial to see how he does, Wiley said, but, now his eyes are open and he is eating.

Wiley said the kitten is a pretty friendly little guy but they are not sure how he will react once he felt better.

Wiley says the kitten goes back to the vet on Thursday for another evaluation. In the meantime, the organization has received calls from all over from people who want to adopt Frosty. One person from California even donated money to the Friendship APL. WGAR radio has also created a song tribute to the kitten.

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