The brutal winter is taking its toll on the area's roads. No matter where you go potholes are plentiful.

The City of Cleveland says it has six to eight crews out each day to patch potholes throughout the city. To date, the city says it has used 420 tons of cold patch asphalt.

The city says it is in the process of identifying areas with the worst pothole issues and has taken the following steps:

  • Payne Avenue over I-90 was closed for partial deck repairs.
  • The West 53rd Street Bridge is scheduled to be closed from Clark to Walworth for repairs.
  • In the 1200 block of Fairhill, protection barrels were placed at various locations.
  • At East 116th Street south of Buckeye Avenue, protection barrels were placed at various locations.

The city says it is finalizing agreements with private contractors to help supplement city repair crews.

As far as damage to concrete streets such as Rocky River Drive and West 117th, the city says it needs two days above freezing to pour concrete. Where necessary, the city says concrete streets will receive "immediate protection." Currently, the northbound and southbound lanes on Rocky River Drive north of Puritas Avenue and the northbound lanes of West 117th Street, south of Lorain Avenue are closed for necessary repairs, weather permitting.

Crews are using cold patch asphalt to make critical repairs. Temperatures of at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit are needed for hot asphalt repairs. Hot asphalt plants begin their production on April 1.

Today, the City's repair crews fixed potholes at the following locations:

  • East 40th S. Marginal to Woodland
  • Prospect East 9th to East 4th.
  • Chester East 30 to East 18th Westbound.
  • East 9th at RT 2 on Bridge Deck.
  • West 25th Clark to Daisy.
  • West 117th Madison to Edgewater.
  • Cedar Carnegie to Ambleside.
  • East 143rd kinsman and Barlett Intersections.
  • Warner Vineyard to Connecticut.
  • Tourney Grand Division to Cardwell.
  • East 147th Street (All major potholes).
  • Chester Euclid to East 101st
  • East 152nd (Aspinwal to S. Waterloo).
  • Eddy Road St. Clair to I-90.

Residents are encouraged to report potholes to the city at 216.664.2510.

You can report potholes you come across on our special Channel3 Pothole Patrol Facebook page.

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