AVON LAKE -- If you're fed up with winter, wouldn't it be nice to melt away all the snow?

A company in Warren has created a machine to do just that.

Snow piles like the ones taking over parking lots throughout Northeast Ohio are making it difficult to see for drivers.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates 300,000 accidents happen in parking lots each year.

One major cause -- obstructions like snow.

"We are really trying to do our best to relocate and push back a lot of these snow piles, but, as you can see behind me, they're getting huge," said Chad Haney, president of The Yard Works Landscaping.

Instead of loading and hauling the snow away, the machine is melting it away.

Like its name implies, the Snow Dragon uses a burner and hot water to turn the snow back to water.

"As the snow melts, the water level rises and goes out overflow drains into the storm drain," said Ken Rumbaugh of Snow Dragon.

It's so quick the largest machine can melt a two-inch snowfall at FirstEnergy Stadium in an hour.

The machines are a hit in Russia -- as well as high snowfall states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and New York.

It might not make spring arrive any faster -- but at least it gives you a place to park and the ability to see around the snow mound before an accident happens.

"All we are doing is speeding up nature," said Rumbaugh.

The machine is also considered to be environmentally safe.

It separates all the garbage and debris that's left over, which is then taken to a landfill.

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