CLEVELAND -- One person is dead after a standoff with Cleveland police that lasted several hours Tuesday.

Two bailiffs were serving an eviction notice in an apartment building on the city's East Side when several shots were fired around 10:30 a.m.

Police told Channel 3 News this morning they believed it was a male suspect, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Residents of the Morning Star apartments say it's usually a quiet complex, and they're shocked something like this would happen.

"Police running through the hallways telling us to get back in the building," Cammack Willis said. "It's pretty quiet. I've been here almost four years. This is the first big major incident I've seen in almost four years I've been here."

Willis lives on the 10th floor of Morning Star Tower, and it was an eviction notice on the 11th floor that turned deadly.

"Neither bailiff was injured. They backed out. Cleveland police responded," Cleveland police Sgt. Ali Pillow said.

The suspect barricaded himself alone inside the apartment as police and the SWAT team worked to evacuate the rest of the building and make contact with the individual.

"Cleared all the residents out, making sure they were safe," Pillow said. "We tried for quite some time to make contact with the individual inside the apartment. After a while with failed contact, members of the SWAT unit made entry into the apartment, where they found the suspect deceased inside the apartment."

Police confirm the suspect died from apparent gunshot wounds, but they're still investigating whether they were self-inflicted.

As this scene unfolded, an early childhood school next door went on lockdown.

"The only things I was worried about, honestly, were all the children that are located inside this facility, not just mine, but all of them because I didn't know what was going on," mother Stephanie Gregory said.

Several parents picked their children up from Brightside Academy immediately after the situation cleared up and breathed a big sigh of relief.

"This was extremely scary," Gregory said. "Those bullets could have went through the glass. They could have went through the walls, and it could have hit anybody. "

The director at Brightside Academy said it followed all protocols, and everyone was safe there.

The medical examiner is working to make a positive identification and contact the suspect's family.

More information should be released in the coming days.

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