Cold temperatures lead to full wallets for some.


CLEVELAND -- It's another freezing cold day, but while many are longing for the warmer temperatures, others are too busy counting the cash.

Ace Hardware is having its best winter in more than 10 years, with customers leaving bare shelves where snow blowers and shovels once sat.

LL Bean continues to have waterproof boots on backorder and Carmex says their lip balm sales are up 9 percent compared to the past few months.

Companies keeping consumers out of the cold are pulling in record numbers as well. saw sales rise 30 percent so far this year, with consumers choosing to have their meals and laundry delivered versus braving the elements.

Pawz Dog Boots, makers of rubber booties that guard pet paws from the snow and salt is reporting sales have more than doubled.

But the cold hasn't translated to cold hard cash for all. Car dealers are reporting sales of vehicles and parts have dropped to the tune of $1.7 billion.

The frigid weather has also created backups at the airports, costing passengers about $2.5 billion with airlines losing $150 million more.

According to one estimate the winter storms have cost U-S businesses about 15-billion dollars thus far.

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