CLEVELAND - The first half of April has been much warmer and wetter than normal.

A review of National Weather Service records on Wednesday showed for the first fifteen days of the month Cleveland was running close to four degrees above average. A nice warm spell between April 10th and April 14th sent temperatures into the 70s and helped propel the monthly average into above normal territory.

Our highest temperature so far this month is 79 degrees on April 13th, while the lowest temperature is 28 degrees on April 6th.

Precipitation is also running ahead of April's monthly normals. At Cleveland Hopkins International, hydrologists have recorded 3.52 inches of liquid precipitation (melted snow and rain). That amount is already more than Cleveland receives during the entire month on average.

April often sees periods of snow with about 3.3 inches of snow expected on average. Last weekend's extra blast of winter gave Cleveland an additional 1.3 inches of snow, putting Cleveland's seasonal total at 86.1 inches, or 8th snowiest winter on record.

Here is a look at how other cities are faring so far in April across northern Ohio...

  • Cleveland: +3.6 degrees, +1.69" of precipitation
  • Akron/Canton: +4.7 degrees, +1.39" of precipitation
  • Mansfield: +3.6 degrees,+1.88" of precipitation
  • Youngstown: +3.1 degrees, +.76" of precipitation
  • Toledo: +.8 degrees, +.62" of precipitation


The graphic above shows the daily high (in red) and daily low (in blue) temperatures from April 1st to April 15th in comparison to the mean daily average temperature (in black).

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