If you were affected by last night's flooding, there are measures you can take to protect yourself.

If you suffered property damage, you should:

  • Call your insurance agent or company as soon as possible. Make sure your agent has your contact information, especially if you have to move out of your home
  • Take steps to prevent more damage, as long as you will not endanger yourself.
  • Inspect property and vehicles for damage. Take pictures of any damage.
  • If you have to leave your home, check your policy for "loss of use" coverage
  • Be sure everything is considered in your claim. Back up claims with written estimates.

You should also be vigilant when it comes to finding the right contractor, to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

If you have any insurance questions, call the Ohio Department of Insurance's consumer hotline at 1-800-686-1526 or

GET HELP: the department's website.

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