An expert blames more summer driving and the lighter summer blend


CLEVELAND – It's hard to miss those big flashing numbers on gas station signs, especially when they're reading $3.99 in many places in Northeast Ohio.

"You're in Ohio. This city's got $3.59. Here you've got almost $4. You understand. It's games they are playing," said driver Willie Glover.

In just a week's time, gas went up a dime a gallon. What gives?

"June 1st comes in and gas prices will always go up," said AAA spokesman Robert Ross. "It's gone up a little higher than it normally has so that was somewhat of a surprise, but not surprising that the prices went up."

Ross says gas is more expensive to summer travel demands, and it's the switch to the lighter, summer blend of fuel that's more expensive to refine.

A lot of what we're filling up with comes from wholesale market in Chicago, which saw a big jump in crude oil prices recently.

"We're kind of at a disadvantage because we don't have as many oil companies as some of the other areas do, so some of our gas or our supplies is coming from Indiana and Illinois," said Ross.

For help navigating spikes, have you heard of It uses data from to predict whether you should stop now or try again tomorrow. Monday, it told Cuyahoga County drivers to wait, predicting gas prices would be lower again Tuesday.

"Check the prices on a daily basis," said Ross.

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