Canton, OHIO – The city of Canton's water reclamation facility is embarking on a $85 Million project in the new year. The state-of-the-art membrane bio reactor will be installed at the facility in 2014. It will be the largest of its kind in the world.

The project is the most expensive capital improvement project in the history of Stark County.

The bio reactor will help make the water that is released back into the Nimishillen creek and travels all the way to the Gulf of Mexico cleaner.

"Excessive nutrients cause the growth of algae which robs the aquatic life of oxygen and leads to more pollutant favorable species then cleaner fish more life game fish," said Tracy Mills, Superintendent of the Water Reclamation Facility.

The project will also eliminate the sludge incinerator which will than eliminate 150 to 200 tons of carbon monoxide a year. The Canton facility is expected to be a show case in the sewage treatment field. Visitors from Montana have already come to see the new technology.

Construction on the project is set to begin in April.

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