BRIMFIELD - A deaf puppy found in a cardboard box along a road in Brimfield is ready to be adopted out to a loving home.

In January, Brimfield officers rescued the Jack Russell terrier puppy, now known as Cara and took her to a shelter.

One of a Kind Pet Rescue in Akron took Cara in and cared for her. The staff treated her for an upper respiratory infection and a hairline fracture in one of her front legs.

One of a Kind Pet Rescue says it expects numerous applicants hoping to adopt Cara. The organization says all applications will be reviewed to find the best match for Cara's special needs.

According to OKPR Medical Director Dr. Meg Geldhof, Cara's special needs are not limited to her inability to hear. "In addition to being deaf, Cara, like most Jack Russell's, has boundless energy. As a result, she needs to be part of a family willing to both help her bridle that energy and learn an alternative form of non-verbal communication," explained Dr. Geldhof. "A home with other well-behaved dogs would be ideal for her progression because she will be able to learn proper manners from them," she added.

The case received wide-spread attention when Brimfield Chief David Oliver posted a message on Facebook written directly to the person who abandoned the puppy. Chief Oliver wrote: "I will say that I can tell a person's character pretty well by seeing how they treat animals. Whoever did this lacks character, period. It was mopey behavior."

You can find details about adopting Cara on