SEVILLE --Twenty-four horses, two mini ponies and two donkeyswere surrendered in Medina County on Thursday afternoon.

The Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took custody of the animals, from seven acres of pasture at a home on Blake Road.

The organization received an anonymous tip about the conditions.

SPCA Executive Director Stephanie Moore says they tried to work with the owner for some time, but decided this week to remove the animals from the property.

"They're not horribly emaciated, but they are thin. Their feet are in bad shape. Some of the babies and mothers have what appears to be malnourishment," Moore said.

Moore says, over the last month, the Medina SPCA has had three cases of horses that have died because of malnourishment.

The horses taken from Blake Road on Thursday will be individually examined by a vet, and placed in the care of the SPCA.

"You educate and educate and advocate, and continue to do that sort of thing over and over. Then there just comes a time when you realize it's not working. You need to take some action for the wellbeing of the horses," said Moore.

The owner of the horses told WKYCshe tried to care for the animals, but said she simply had too many.

"They have never, never not had hay. They've always had grain. Grain and special minerals. I've paid hundreds of dollars for special minerals. They were never, never malnourished. If they were malnourished, it is because there were several bales of hay that weren't in as good of condition as I'd like," said Tori Wilfred.

The price of hay has skyrocketed in the last year. Wilfred says, she's also faced a personal challenge at home, of caring for her ailing grandmother.

Wilfred says she was planning to put some of her horses up for sale this spring.

"The bad thing is, people are going to watch this and say I'm a horrible person, and you let those horses be malnourished. But it was never that situation," Wilfred said.