AKRON -- City officials released a statement Friday afternoon. In part, it read:

"On the heels of a front page newspaper article warning of elevated levels of a specific algal toxin in an Ohio water supply, Akron Service Director John Moore wants residents to know that Akron's drinking water supply and raw water reservoirs have been recently tested by Ohio EPA and do not contain the offending algae."

Earlier this month, a water utility in Northwest Ohio serving 2,000 customers issued a precautionary drinking water advisory because of elevated levels of a blue-green algae toxin called microcystin.

In response to this most recent unique situation involving algal toxins,the city and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency once again reconfirmed this week that the Akron drinking water supply remains free of the algal toxin.

"The Akron Water Department implements an extensive monitoring program that continuously analyzes the drinking water reservoirs and water treatment process to insure optimal drinking water quality,"said John Moore.

Akron serves nearly 280,000 customers throughout the City of Akron and many neighboring communities.