AKRON -- In less than a week, a new YouTube video (embedded below) advertising Downtown Akron is generating a lot of social media buzz and thousands of clicks.

Produced by a non-profit group called the Downtown Akron Partnership, the video aims to grab the attention of people who may overlook Akron as a destination to eat, work, and play.

According to the partnership there has been steady growth in the number of people not only visiting Downtown Akron but relocating there as well.

In 2008 Downtown Akron had 1205 residents and just last year that number jumped to 1973.

"They've built a lot of new things and I think they just made everything a little bit more modern so I like coming down here," said Anna Breon and Bobby Gray.

"A lot more restaurants keep popping up all around, and our business, we do really well hereā€¦I love it," said Kelsey Stallman who works at The Lockview on South Main Street.

The Downtown Akron Partnership estimates nearly 2.7 million people visited Downtown Akron in 2013, a positive trend the group hopes will continue.

"The goal of the video is to showcase the excitement and vibrancy of Downtown Akron. We also want businesses and organizations to use it for recruitment and promotion of Downtown as a great place to live, work, and play," said Kimberly Beckett, Director of Business Relations for the Downtown Akron Partnership.

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