AKRON -- After many discussions with Goodyear over the past several weeks regarding the location of Goodyear's future tire factory, Akron Mayor Plusquellic and Summit County Executive Russ Pry received a letter today from Goodyear stating that it has removed Ohio from consideration, according to a press release.

The press release reads:

"After discussing the matter with Rich Kramer, I am saddened but I realize that it is not economical to ship millions of tires from Ohio to Latin America, where Goodyear's growth in sales is occurring." stated Mayor Don Plusquellic. "I appreciate Goodyear's willingness to consider our joint efforts to land this major investment, and further appreciate the continuing relationship between Summit County, the State of Ohio, the Greater Akron Chamber, and everyone who tried to make this happen. We will continue to communicate with Goodyear to take advantage of every opportunity to add jobs in Akron."

"While this is obviously not the decision that anyone in Northeast Ohio had hoped for, and I am personally disappointed, I understand Goodyear's business rationale," noted County Executive Russ Pry. "Keeping Goodyear's headquarters operation strong and viable in this community is important to our overall economy."

In part, the letter from Goodyear, dated Sept. 2, read "...After an initial review of key factors, such as logistics, labor costs and access to a deep-sea port, we regrettably...must remove Ohio from consideration. The analysis shows that locating in Ohio would add more than $50 million a year in costs over other locations, leaving Goodyear at a significant competitive disadvantage..."

Read the entire letter sent by Goodyear below:

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