PAINESVILLE -- The Lake County Sheriff says two arrests have been made in connection with the home invasion that occurred on Madison Avenue in Painesville Township on Feb. 11.

Based on the investigation of the Lake County Sheriff's Office detective bureau, the sheriff says probable cause warrants were obtained for Kalvin Kangas, and his brother Eric Fortune, who have been identified as co-conspirators in this case.

Both men were located in Ashtabula County, arrested, and are now in the Lake County Jail.

Back on Feb. 11, the Lake County Sheriff's deputies investigated an aggravated burglary at 1560 Madison Avenue in Painesville Township.

Deputies responded to Madison Elementary school at 845 Madison Avenue regarding a suspicious circumstance the school was dealing with.

Upon arrival, school employees explained that two women arrived to pick up a student but were not on the authorization list to so. The women had explained that the student's father had just been robbed at gunpoint and beaten in his home, and they wanted to make sure the boy was safely taken care of.

The school explained to deputies that they did not release the boy, and asked the Sheriff's Office for assistance in investigating it further.

While deputies went to the home of the father to investigate, the school called and explained that the father, who was covered in blood, had just come to the school and picked up his son.

Deputies were able to make contact with the father, Louis Rogelio Claudio, who was covered in blood, with numerous lacerations, and swollen areas on his head. They contacted rescue units, who came to the seen to attend to his injuries.

While being attended to by rescue personnel, Louis Claudio explained that he was assaulted by two white men when he arrived at his home earlier that afternoon.

He explained that the two men severely beat him, and held his girlfriend at gun point while they did so. The two men then left his home and the area.

Based on the initial investigation, the incident may have been based on a previous relationship that Claudio was involved in.

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