Reflective paint has chipped away over the winter -- causing concern among drivers, but ODOT says a solution is coming soon


CLEVELAND -- If you've driven the Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland lately and weren't sure what lane you were in -- you aren't alone.

The long, cold winter and the repeated snow plow visits have stripped away much of the reflective paint used to draw those lines.

"We are aware of the situation with the striping, and we have plans in place to do some new striping," says ODOT spokeswoman Jocelynn Clemings. "We're going to be using a new type of striping that is very reflective, so it will be much more easily seen in low light conditions."

Frustrated drivers have told Channel 3 that on nights where there is rain or snow, the lanes are nearly indecipherable.

"This has been a problem for awhile," says our Facebook friend Amy. "Nothing new, but they should have been working on this a long time ago."

ODOT says they'd like to have given the highway lanes a new coat of paint, but the weather has been an issue.

"The weather has not cooperated. We need dry and fairly warm weather to do the work, so it will be coming soon," Clemings said.

Reflective tiles will eventually be embedded into the Innerbelt roadway but not until both bridges are complete in 2016.

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