CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Police Department's Environmental Crimes Task Force executed a search warrant this morning at a scrap yard on the east side as part of an illegal dumping investigation.

Cleveland Safety Director Michael McGrath says the investigation is targeted on illegal tire dumping but says other items were also recovered. McGrath says at least one stolen vehicle was found at the site. Numerous boats were at the location and a couple of motor homes. McGrath says investigators will determine the owners.

He says businesses such as the one being investigated at East 64th and Kinsman are a huge problem for the community. "Properties like this perpetuate quality of life issue crimes throughout the neighborhoods and communities," said McGrath.

McGrath says it's unclear how many tires may have been dumped at the site as some may have been burned or even buried.

The Animal Protective League was called in after a couple of dogs were found on the property. Two horses were also found in an area of the property in a sparsely covered pasture with no water. The Cleveland Mounted Police Unit brought in a trailer to take the animals away.

The horses will be cared for and taken to a vet and then homes will be found for them.

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