CLEVELAND -- After years of continuous renovations, Cleveland's historic League Field should be completely revamped by this summer.

League Park - first opened in 1891 – is a place where Babe Ruth and Cy Young once played.

The "Sultan of Swat" hit his 500th home run at the park in 1929 – sending the ball over the fence and onto Lexington Avenue.

The $6.3 million renovation includes a new synthetic turf - that contractors say can cost up to $500,000.

The new surface has Lucius Oldham, who lives right across from the park, excited. "The thing that stands out most to me is how they're laying the Astro Turf," Oldham tells Channel 3's Hilary Golston. "That is fantastic. That's what's going to stand that whole field out. It's gonna make it look a million dollars richer."

Oldham has watched the area improve with the continuing face lift the grounds are getting. "It's a good thing for the whole neighborhood," Oldham says. "The back part of it is a kiddie baseball diamond for kids to play baseball. They also put a walk-around track back there.There's a sprinkler on this side of it for the kids to cool off in the summer."

Because the park has been neglected for years, only the ticketing building and the 1st base grandstand wall remain.

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