CLEVELAND -- Although the Republicans have already made their decision to come to Cleveland with their National Convention in 2016, the world still awaits word on what LeBron James is planning to do.

The two stories have been drawing comparisons all week long.

The latest, comes in the form of a jabbing joke from Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Tuesday night, Rubio stirred up a social media storm after posting the following tweet: "Congratulations to Cleveland on being awarded the #GOP2016 convention. But you still aren't getting @KingJames back!"

As of 10 a.m. Wednesday, it has been retweeted 754 times.

One of our viewers quickly responded with the following tweet: "Mr. Rubio you may wish you had run this tweet by your publicist first... #RNC2CLE #Electoral gamble..."

Another viewer responded by tweeting this message to Rubio: "Our chances of getting LeBron back are better than you getting reelected."


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