Through her grief, Yvonne Pointer found her passion


CLEVELAND -- For three decades, the rape and murder of Gloria Pointer has taken her family on a roller coaster of emotions.

But behind it all, her mother Yvonne stood strong.

Through her grief, Yvonne found her passion.

She will never let her daughter die in vain.

"Oh, I think God is real. He is real. For whatever reason He's opted to use little old me, and I'm thankful for that," said Yvonne.

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Over the years, Yvonne has reached out to keep Gloria's memory alive.

She's written four books about her loss --- received numerous awards including the 908th Point of Light from President Bush and has appeared with numerous celebrities like Queen Latifah and Samuel L. Jackson to bring awareness to missing children.

She's also helping children in West Africa further their education and live a healthy lifestyle though the Gloria Pointer Teen Movement Initiative.

She's an inspiration to all -- including her other daughter, Denyelle.

"The way that she is still able to be a mom, after all her advocacy, and a grandmother. I would not be able to live without her," Denyelle Rashid said with tears in her eyes.

Now that the man who took her daughter's life has been brought to justice, Yvonne will start the next chapter in her life.

"I'm going to work with other families who need some inspiration and motivation, and we are going to try to get some of these cases solved," said Yvonne.

It took 30 years to solve Gloria's case, but through it all, her family says Yvonne made the world a better place.

"I learn, I aspire every day to be more like her," said Denyelle.

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