Plans show the garbage chute is located underneath the Terrace Club


CLEVELAND -- The investigation into the death of Cory Barron is leaving more questions than answers.

To get a better idea of what happened, WKYC visited the City of Cleveland archives to inspect the blueprints of the ballpark. The plans date back to 1992, the same year construction began on the stadium.

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According to the prints, the garbage chute is located underneath what is now the Terrace Club. It likely drops five stories. What the prints do not indicate is if the chute is in a secure area, inaccessible by the general public.

One theory is Barron, over feet tall and over 200 pounds, somehow fell down the chute.

WKYC confirmed the chute's opening is 3 feet by 3 feet.

The blueprints also show a trash compactor on the opposite side of Progressive Field. This is the area where the Indians turn 75 tons of cardboard, 20 tons of paper and 20 tons of pallets into giant cubes.

Another theory is that Barron's body was picked up in the area and transported to the Lorain County Landfill where workers discovered his body Tuesday afternoon.

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