CLEVELAND -- Seventeen supervisors with the Cleveland Fire Department were disciplined Thursday for their involvement in a shift-trading case. The punishments were a result of the city's internal investigation of the Division of Fire's shift records and payroll.

Earlier this year, 13 Cleveland firefighters pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

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Cleveland Division of Fire Chief Patrick Kelley announced the following suspensions:

  • 7 supervisors suspended for one 24-hour shift
  • 5 supervisors suspended for two 24-hour shifts
  • 2 supervisors suspended for one 24-hour shift, to happen at a later time
  • 1 supervisor suspended for three 24-hour shifts

"The lack of supervisory oversight in the Division of Fire regarding this matter enabled firefighters to engage in a practice of swapping their scheduled work shifts in violation of an established policy," Chief Kelley said in a press release. "This practice not only eroded the public trust, but also brought significant scrutiny and dishonor to the Division."

Charges against an eighteenth supervisor, currently on suspension, are pending.

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