CLEVELAND – The Pechakucha 20X20 event kicked off the "AHA" Festival of Lights display on Mall B in downtown Cleveland. The Pechakucha Cleveland Co-Founder Mike Christoff reports three of the four light-based art installations went live during the Pechakucha event, Thursday night.

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Pechakucha 20X20 event was the first event of the AHA Festival. The multi-day festival runs Thursday through Saturday.

AHA is a festival of lights that is meant to celebrate the recent downtown development in Cleveland.

The LAND studio project was on its way to the city, but the studio decided it would complement Gay Games 9 well, according to the managing director, Greg Peckham.

The PechaKucha 20x20 "is a simple presentation format where individuals present 20 images, each for 20 seconds." The images automatically advanced, while a presenter discusses each slide, according to the AHA website. The event took place on Mall B, The heart of where the displays are lighting up our lives. The informal gathering on Mall B saw 9 presenters display their 20 slides.

Friday, the "Believe CLE" event on Mall B will feature a large-scale yoga class. People wishing to take part in a very large outdoor yoga class on the mall can show up there Friday at 7:30 p.m. The event, however, began as a movement started in "the heart of Cleveland. Through the power of collective consciousness, Believe in CLE connects the unifying force within our community by raising awareness, generating energy and accelerating the exciting revolution happening in Cleveland, Ohio," the AHA website reports.

"The East meets West Glow Ride" is also happening Friday, drawing riders to two separate locations for a 9 p.m. departure. The ride is a collaboration between Bike Cleveland and Slow Roll.

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