CLEVELAND -- At least eight Cuyahoga County employees were disciplined in 2013 for driver's license violations under County Executive Ed FitzGerald.

Through a public records request, WKYC obtained copies of written reprimands issued to county employees with driver's license violations. The reprimands begin with:

As a County employee, you are responsible for performing your job in a competent and professional manner that advances the goal of the County and increases public confidence in County government. This requires that you refrain from behavior that might be harmful or which violates conflicts with County policies, practices or procedures. Your behavior is in violation of the County's Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

The reprimand goes on to describe what the employee did wrong, citing that driving is "an essential function" of their job. It then lists the date and reason of the employee's license suspension or violation.

Earlier this month, it was revealed FItzGerald, 46, drove using temporary permits for at least five years. Through a spokesperson, FitzGerald said he has driven with a valid license since 2012. He also addressed his driver's license issues with WKYC's Senior Political Correspondent Tom Beres.

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FitzGerald's driving habits and personal life made headlines earlier this month when an early morning 911 call from 2012 surfaced. The call led police to a car where FitzGerald was found with a woman who was not his wife. FitzGerald denies anything in appropriate happened between them.

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