STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Manziel or Hoyer? It's a question many Browns fans think they've answered after Monday night's preseason game.

The Strongsville Browns Backers are a team of their own, complete with nearly 200 members, officials jerseys with their own logo and a heart for the Browns like no other.

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"It's really exciting. It's preseason, I think we have a whole new hope for the team this year so it's really exciting to see them kicking off the preseason games," said fan Patti-Jo Buretnett.

The group meets at Panini's in Strongsville for every game. They chant. They cheer, and they all have their favorite quarterback. Most favor Manziel.

"I just like his confidence, his cockiness. We haven't had that in so long. I love that in a player and in a quarterback position that's what you need," said fan John Toburen.

"I'm still waiting to see what he can make of this team, hopefully do something great because that's what Cleveland needs," said fan Alison Puleo.

Others cheered for Hoyer.

"I think Hoyer should be our starter. Manziel might have his time, but it's not today," said fan Gerald Hetrick.

The rest are undecided.

"I just want the best guy there. Whether it's Hoyer or Manziel, I want the best guy to help my team win," said Josh Jeffi.

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