Keith Winebrenner has been with the Beachwood Police Department for nearly 25 years


BEACHWOOD -- Beachwood has named acting Police Chief and Commander Keith Winebrenner chief of police.

"Commander Winebrenner has done an outstanding job in his role as acting police chief and throughout his long tenure with the department," said Mayor Merle Gorden. "He is deeply committed to his role to serve and protect the citizens of Beachwood and will be a true asset in the ongoing safety of our vibrant community."

Winebrenner has been with the Beachwood Police Department for nearly 25 years. He started as a patrol officer in 1990 and worked his way up the ranks in various roles including detective, sergeant and lieutenant before he was named commander of the Detective Bureau in 2012.

When Chief of Police Mark Sechrist stepped down in March, then-Commander Winebrenner assumed the role of acting chief, where he quickly proved his abilities to effectively manage the 44-member department, according to a news release.

He is a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College and a veteran of the U.S. Army-Military Police. Among a long list of impressive accomplishments, he is certified by the state of Ohio as a master criminal investigator, a master evidence technician and a firearms instructor.

Winebrenner is looking forward to his new role.

"My goal is to provide the training and support needed by the men and women who put on the uniform every day and serve the city of Beachwood. All of us want to provide the best services possible to the community," said Winebrenner. "I felt honored nearly 25 years ago when I was given the opportunity to serve this community as a patrol officer and I still feel that way today."

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