CLEVELAND -- It's great to boat down the Cuyahoga River, or the lake. But if you want to walk or bicycle from one to the other, it's been a challenge. But a five million dollar grant from the Cleveland Foundation will help connect the two with the Lake Link Trail.

"Be able to walk here, ride your bike here, really have an opportunity to reconnect with the riverfront," said Brian Zimmerman, CEO of the Cleveland Metroparks. "So it brings a lot of elements together."

The trail and bridge will go from the Scranton Peninsula on the west bank of the flats, to Lake Erie at Wendy Park, by Whiskey Island. The project will be done in several phases, with the first phase expected to be completed by Memorial Day next year.

"You can go from the lake all the way to Steelyard Commons... you can go all the way down to Peninsula," said Jim Kastelic, project director of the Trust for Land. "Continue down to Akron, all the way south to Summitt Lake. So, you can go from here to Stark County, with no interruptions."

Now, residents that have great lake and river views, will be able to enjoy the water, even if they don't have a boat!

"People living in Stonbridge Apartments... 800 or a thousand apartments, will have direct access to the trail," said Kastelic.

"We've had our back turned too often to the water, said Bob Eckardt, Exective Vice President of the Cleveland Foundation. "We've used it for industrial purposes... now we're turning our face towards the river and the lake."

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