CLEVELAND -- Police are investigating a hit-skip accident that seriously injured an adult woman and an infant.

It happened Thursday around 1:15 p.m. on East 118th Street at Buckeye Road.

Channel 3 has learned the victims are 22-year-old Myiesha McGlothin and 5-month-old Mykell McGlothin.

According to Cleveland Police, a car jumped the curb and hit the woman and baby. The vehicle stopped and the two people in it fled the scene on foot. One of the people in the car returned to help before leaving again, before officers arrived.

The woman was taken to MetroHealth in critical condition. Her condition remained unchanged late Thursday. The infant was taken to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in serious condition, but was listed in stable condition around 10:30 Thursday night.

Police were not available for further comment on the incident. However, the director of the Buckeye Shaker Heights Development Corporation reports cameras attached to his building caught the incident and he watched the whole thing replayed.

Director John Hopkins tells Channel 3's Hilary Golston the vehicle, a Jeep, pinned the woman between the SUV and the side of the Development Corporation building facing East 118th street.

Hopkins reports the Jeep made a left turn onto East 118th Street at a high speed and appeared to lose control of the vehicle.

The corporation director also says the two people in the SUV, were both males from what he could see in the surveillance video. However, one of the males had very long dreadlocks or braids, which made it difficult to determine the sex of the suspect in the video.

The director of the development corporation also reports the 22-year-old victim was the niece of Victoria Dennis, a community organizer at the organization.

Hopkins said he was unclear about what Myiesha was doing Thursday afternoon, but says she often walked around the area to shop or just go for a stroll. The victim lived only a few houses away from where the accident happened, Hopkins said.

Witnesses reported some fairly grisly details about the scene. A local barber whose worker helped pull the Jeep off of Myiesha and her baby said her leg was severed and a wound revealed some of her internal organs.

JoJo Roberson witnessed the incident. He reports Myiesha's actions may have made the circumstances much better for the infant. "It looked a little crazy and the baby was in her arms too. She didn't let the baby go," Roberson said.

7-10 men helped free Myiesha from the pinned position by pushing the Jeep away from the woman and her baby, Hopkins told Golston.

Hopkins reports the males might have taken off because of reports from police the Jeep was stolen from the west-side of town.

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