The prosecutor says sheriff's deputies made four arrests


NEWBURY TOWNSHIP -- The Geauga County Sheriff's Office has busted a suspected drug house in an upscale neighborhood.

The home is located on Park View Drive in Newbury Township.

The Sheriff's Office says it was executing a search warrant for drug trafficking. It hasn't said what kind of drugs.

It also seized a motor home.

The prosecutor says sheriff's deputies made four arrests. They are not disclosing who at this time.

They say more arrests could be on the way.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in Chardon Municipal Court Friday afternoon.

Neighbors say the people who have been living in the home are renters.

They've been living in the home for two years.

Neighbors say the lights were always off and the shades closed.

Sometimes they say they would see children playing in the yard.

They also say there were a lot of cars going in and out.

Investigators are being very careful about releasing information as they continue their investigation.

They plan to hold a news conference Friday to better explain this case.

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