Four people were arrested, and the sheriff says more arrests are possible


CHARDON -- Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland held a press conference today to reveal the activities at a rented upscale Park View Drive home in Newbury Township.

McClelland said it appeared there was a suspected drug house.

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They made four arrests and the four were in Chardon Municipal Court this afternoon.

McClelland said more arrests are possible.

"Many of the substances that were seized are uncut and in their purest forms, and, when they hit the street level, they are cut and diluted," said McClelland.

"Ultimately, this matter will be presented to the grand jury, where additional criminal charges will be sought, and I expect indictments on a number of criminal charges," said Geauga County Prosecutor Jim Flaiz.

"This is the biggest I remember, and I've been in the Sheriff's Office for over 38 years now," said McClelland.

McClelland said $1.5 million worth of drugs, including cocaine, marijuana and crystal meth, were seized.

McClelland said some of the items were inside safes in hidden rooms.

More than $128,000 in cash was also seized.

The four suspects had guns in their bedrooms, along with night vision equipment.

McClelland identified them as:

Raymond Utt, 43, of Ohio; Omar Ernesto Solano Lopez, 21, described as an illegal Mexican immigrant; Dominick Bangera, 43, from the United Kingdom; and Jacqueline Sanchez, 36, of Puerto Rico, who has lived in the house the last three years, according to McClelland.

In Chardon Municipal Court, Judge Terri L. Stupica set bond for Utt at $1 million; Lopez was held without bond; Sanchez was given $1 million bond; and Bangera, who lived at the house since 2007, was held without bond.

Neighbors said lots of cars were seen going in and out of the house at all times. The house is being boarded up at this time.

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