A local woman is remembering the Boston Bombings one year later.


CLEVELAND -- Running is a big part of Jeannie Rice's life.

In 2013, she chose Boston to run her 95th marathon at the age of 65. She crossed the finish line about an hour before the two bombs exploded.

She was still in the city, looking for friends when the chaos began.

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"We heard the big noise and we thought maybe a car blow out and then the second went on and we got real scared," Rice remembers. "Somebody real loud voice (said) run and run."

Rice said she ran, not knowing what was going on at the time. It wasn't until she got to the television inside her hotel lobby that she realized what happened. Rice said she felt bad for those who were injured.

"We felt that could've been us."

The Concord Township real estate agent is preparing to go back to Boston this year for the race on April 21. She won her division last year and was invited back.

"It's going to be exciting and it's going to be more of a celebration," she said.

Rice has no reservations about security.

"I think this year is going to be better than ever."

She turns 66 this week and plans to run her 100th marathon next spring.

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