Police departments in Mayfield Heights, Willoughby, Strongsville and Wickliffe are warning residents about a scam that targets homeowners.


Police departments in Mayfield Heights, Willoughby, Strongsville and Wickliffe are warning residents about a scam that targets homeowners.

In Mayfield Heights, police say they had two suspicious calls in which an unidentified man knocked on the door of homes.

Both times the man asked to enter the resident's basement to check for leaks or evidence of water damage.

One resident refused him entrance and then the man stated that "Well if you don't let me in, we will shut off your water," according to police.

The resident still refused admittance and the man left in a smaller type black SUV.

Mayfield Heights police say that in the second incident, the man was let into the basement and told the resident that she had water damage, even though she had just gotten the basement waterproofed.

The man then said that he would return tomorrow to start work on the basement, but the resident refused the offer and had the man leave the home.

For the 10 minutes that the man was checking the basement, the resident had left her front door open for a possible accomplice to enter the home without her knowledge.

At the time of report, the resident didn't believe there was anything missing from her home.

Mayfield Heights police say similar incidents were reported in Willoughby and Wickliffe on Tuesday.

The man was described as middle-aged, and smaller in stature, and may be Hispanic looking, although he told one resident that he was Greek.

In both incidents, the man got into the passenger side of a smaller black SUV and left the area.

In Willoughby, police say an unknown man approached an elderly female's home, claiming to be working for the utility company.

He advised the victim that she had unreported problems with one of her utilities and he needed to check inside her home.

As he walked into the home, police say the man then asked the elderly female if she had change for a $100 bill. She became suspicious and asked the man for a work ID.

The man, dressed in blue uniform-like shirt and pants with a name tag hanging on his chest, turned and ran out the front door.

Wickliffe police say, that at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, a "distraction" burglary occurred in the 2300 block of Rockefeller Road.

Police say an elderly couple reported to police that a short man with a dark complexion came to their door and claimed to be a city service worker.

The man was wearing blue clothing, gloves, and a ball cap with "VANS" written on the front of cap. He said he had damaged a septic tank in a neighboring yard and needed to come in the house to check the water.

The elderly couple let the man in and followed him into the basement. He ran the hot and cold water lines at the utility sink while he talked to someone on his cell phone.

The couple became suspicious of the man, and he left the house and entered a dark colored SUV type of vehicle that was parked in the drive.

After he left, the couple checked the main floor of home and found that items had been stolen. They realized at that point that a second suspect had come into the house while they were downstairs with the first suspect.

Wickliffe officers and detectives have learned that similar incidents have been reported in Mayfield Heights, Willoughby, and Strongsville in the last two days.

In one incident, the suspect car was described as a small black SUV type of vehicle with a chrome grill and luggage rack. The same "VANS" ball cap was also seen in the incident.

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