The grape vines that were lost will set some wineries back millions of dollars


MADISON -- Just when you thought the Polar Vortex was out of your vocabulary, the wineries in Northeast Ohio are just now undoing the damage.

Over $1 million in crops have been destroyed due to the cold, and right now workers are busy cutting down the dead vines.

While the economic impact isn't fully known, the avenues some vineyards took to save the vines saved them millions and possibly five years of production.

They used a popular farming technique known as "hilling," which simply means building a hill of dirty to keep the cold away from the roots, in order to give them a couple degrees more with the below zero temperatures.

For places like Chalet Dubonne and South River Wineries, the gamble paid off. They are just now cutting down the dead, brown vines, but the roots are green and promising.

You most likely will not be able to taste a 2014 vintage from the Grand River Winery but look for the rolling fields of green to be visible soon while many other wineries are starting from scrath.

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