KENT -- As authorities investigate the cause of a fatal plane crash that claimed the lives of four Case Western Reserve students, we're taking a closer look at the type of aircraft involved.

The plane was a 1999 Cessna Model 172R.

Ben Satyshur, a flight instructor at Kent State University, showed how a pilot would inspect that type of plane before going airborne.

Satyshur says one of the most important things to check is fuel.

EXPANDED COVERAGE: Fatal plane crash

"We're going to take small amounts of fuel samples at each of the lowest points of the fuel tank," he explains before dipping into the take itself to check readings.

Working counter-clockwise, a pilot will go through a checklist inspecting everything top to bottom.

The fatal crash happened around 10 p.m. Monday moments after the plane carrying the four men took off from the Cuyahoga County Regional Airport. Upon impact in Willoughby Hills, the plane burst into flames. All four inside were pronounced dead at the scene.

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