LORAIN, Ohio -- Five people are behind bars in Lorain County after police bust a large scale heroin operation. The raid comes after a year-long investigation.

After 20 years of living on Dallas Avenue, Ana and Luis Rios are moving. Their next door neighbor, just 20 feet away, is at the center of a heroin raid.

ORIGINAL STORY: 5 arrested after year-long heroin investigation

Ana couldn't believe the explosion she saw when police broke through the neighbor's window.

"I was so nervous I just went to my room and laid down on the floor and started praying to God to give me strength," said Ana.

Police seized more than a kilo of heroin, cash, weapons and vehicles. They arrested five suspects: George Anthony Seymore, Robert Edward Young, Wayne Delorance Norris, Stacy Jo Norris and Pamela Pearson.

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Luis says his neighbor only moved in a week and a half ago so he didn't know the neighbor well.

"I seen the guy the other day he said hi to me and I waved and that's it," said Luis.

As part of the heroin epidemic in Lorain County, 67 people died last year from overdoses. In Cuyahoga County heroin killed 195 people.

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Ana and Luis are relieved that officers from both counties are working together to clean up the neighborhood.

"Ah, I'm happy. They caught it in time," said Luis.

The Lorain Community Task Force is going to hold a rally on Saturday at 6pm at Lakeview Park Fountain. They want to raise awareness about the dangers of heroin.

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