CLEVELAND -- Financial institutions large and small are getting calls and visits from lots of customers worried their credit information may have gotten into the wrong hands because of the security breach at Target,.

"Just the idea, there's been some compromise of this magnitude, is frightening, " said Kathleen Riggs, retail manager at the Firefighters Credit Union.

The group has 28,000 members in Cuyahoga and Lake counties and more than 10,000 cardholders served at four branches.

"We do have lots of folks on the phones. We are talking to them. People are coming in. They are concerned about it," she said.

The advice from banks big and small is much the same.

Monitor your account. Report any unauthorized activity. Many banks are monitoring on their own. Customers are not responsible for verified unauthorized charges.

The Firefighters Credit Union will cancel and replace cards if customers request.

Some banks in other cities are being very aggressive, seeking to cancel cards of all customers who shopped at Target in the compromised period.

There are no confirmed reports yet in Greater Cleveland of fraudulent charges caused by the breach.

But some believe there could be a second wave of calls if that starts to happen.

Branch manager Michelle Parsons, who is also a Target shopper, said "There's all these people trying to get something that doesn't belong to them."

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