GREEN -- The loss of the United Airlines hub at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport raises lots of questions.

One is, what will the impact be on Akron-Canton?

Akron-Canton Airport spokeswoman Kristie Van Auken said the timing of United's action took Akron-Canton by surprise.

"Honestly, we're disappointed too. ... We know the community really worked hard to keep the hub," she said.

On Monday, Akron-Canton launched a new campaign touting Southwest Airlines' looming takeover of AirTran. Its message to the business community stressed lower fares, which is just the opposite message of Cleveland's failed Save the Hub campaign, which asked travelers to pay higher fares if need be.

Van Auken said the campaign's timing was coincidental and not meant to rub salt into Hopkins' wound.

"There was no way for us to know this was coming. ... It was unfortunate," Van Auken said.

Some think Hopkins' downsizing might bring more low-fare carriers to Cleveland.

Van Auken believes there will be new opportunities for both airports.

"There's a lot of potential with regional demographics in Northeast Ohio. There's a large population. There's business growth. ... There's a lot of really positive indications this region is moving in the right direction," she said.

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