CLEVELAND -- Former Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor and U.S. Senator George Voinovich has fond memories of Del Donahoo.

He tells Channel 3's Tom Beres,

"We will all miss him. Janet and I will never forget his smiling face and twinkling eyes. One of the real joys of my life was getting to know Del when Janet and I did familiarization tours of Ohio promoting travel and tourism."

"He did a great job in capturing the places we visited, but more importantly the personalities and characters of the individuals we met. Everyone loved Del and Martha. The two of them seem to have so much fun together and Janet and I always thought they were a great role model for a good marriage."

He brought a lot of joy into the homes his programs reached. Obviously people appreciated his work or he wouldn't have been on his Folkswagon for 25 years. He and Martha left an indelible mark on Janet and me . We will never forget him. He truly made a difference in the lives of his fellow man. He was esteemed.!"

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