Cleveland says it completes snow removal on schedule.


CLEVELAND – As of this afternoon, all residential streets have been plowed reaching the City's goal of completion within 48 hours of the snowfall ending. At this point snow plow crews are out doing clean-up and responding to any resident complaints received.

The Division of Streets is nearly done salting all of the city's residential streets.
All of the snow plow crews should be commended on a job well done after what has been non-stop work for most of this week

The city has cleared 99 percent of residential streets after Wednesday's huge snowstorm made it difficult for drivers to get around.

The Division of Streets still has 41 snow plows salting and clearing the roads throughout the day.

The city declared this week's storm as a Category 2 snow event, which is when between four and eight inches of snow fall.

In Category 2 events, the city's goal is to plow all streets within 36-48 hours after the snow stops falling.

City officials urge people to park off the street whenever possible to let the plows go curb-to-curb.

Cleveland still has 5,300 tons of salt available and expects a delivery of another 1,400 today.

Snow isn't the only thing that needs maintenance. The city also has six crews working on potholes.

If you have snow removal or pothole concerns, you're asked to call 216-644-2510.

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