CHESTER TOWNSHIP -- Modern technology is changing how one local fire department is fighting and investigating fires.

All officers and many firefighters have tiny cameras mounted on their helmets.

Assistant Fire Chief Karen Moleterno showed us how it captured every move.

"Wherever my helmet is facing, so if it's on my head, as I turn it, everything is being recorded," said Moleterno.

The department started using the cameras about nine months ago.

Moleterno says the video helps train firefighters and keep them out of danger on the next call.

"Instead of telling you to watch out for this or we have safety issues there, now we can see it. We see the situations so we don't get into them again," said Moleterno.

The video also helps with investigations.

"We always tell everyone to watch for the evidence and then we go back and piece it together. But now, if they're wearing the helmet during that process, we actually see what it was before they went through the salvage and overhaul process," said Moleterno.

The video also helps in court with arson cases.

Instead of relying on testimony, they can play the video.

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