Local businesses are hoping to cash in on a possible LeBron return.


CLEVELAND -- Local businesses are hoping to cash in on a possible LeBron return.

Many call him a "one-man economy."

When LeBron left, GV Art and Design came up with "Lyin' King," one of their better selling t-shirts.

And now that LeBron could return, they've come up with a possible new design with the words "forgiveness" printed on the front.

"Do we like the way we left? Absolutely not, but, at the same time, we want to win and we want the city to do great," said designer George Vlosich.

GV Art and Design isn't the only business rooting for a LeBron return.

Robert Benson with the Huron Point Tavern is glued to the TV, waiting for updates.

Business hasn't been the same since LeBron left.

"He was the man, the king of Cleveland. After he left, it was just over with and dead. Once he comes back, it will bring it back to life," said Benson.

Down the street, A.J. Rocco's is also hoping for a LeBron return.

If it happens, they'll have to hire more staff to keep up with the high volume of customers, just like it used to be.

"It would help us in a lot of ways. We are all looking forward to it. If it happens, it would be great for us and the entire city," said Todd Feichtmeier.

Even though it's all speculation and anticipation, the designers at GV Studios are taking it slowly.

"We're still not getting our hopes up yet. But I think if he does come back, we'll be ready for some cool stuff," said Vlosich.

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