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If you were running for political office and your name was Hershey, wouldn't you toy with the idea of somehow working Hershey bars into your campaign materials? You might want to think again.

According to the Associated Press, a federal judge says a political candidate whose last name is Hershey must stop using campaign materials that mimic the look of the famous chocolate bar.

According to the AP, the judge ruled Thursday that Maryland state Sen. Stephen Hershey Jr. must stop using his dark brown signs with white lettering for now. The company filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in June.

Hershey argued his signs, with a background of the Maryland flag in brown, are different enough to be permissible. Judge William Quarles disagreed and issued a preliminary injunction, suggesting the company is likely to win its lawsuit.

Allegedly, according to Hershey's campaign office, Hershey has been told his family tree intersects with that of company founder Milton S. Hershey, but they aren't close relatives.


Now think back. Have you ever voted for anyone with the last name of Snickers? How about Butterfinger? Would you be more likely to vote for them if their handouts -- instead of emery boards or refrigerator magnets -- were candy bars?

And the Washington Post and the National Confectioners Association in Washington, D.C. have also weighed in on the candy and politics issue. In a study -- or a poll, if you will -- also have had their say about candy and politics.

They say low turnout Democrats more likely to be seen with Nerds and Airheads and Butterfingers, 3 Musketeers and Reese's Pieces could be a solution to bridging the country's bitter partisan divide.

But in political circles, it seems that M&Ms are the candy that crosses political lines.

According to NCA, M&M's are kept in sterling silver bowls around the Obama White House and every president since Ronald Reagan has doled out M&M boxes adorned with the presidential seal.

Unfortunately, the closest to M&Ms that anyone famous or political is would be rapper/record producer/songwriter/actor Eminem, aka Slim Shady, aka Marshall Bruce Mathers III. I don't think he's going to be running for political office any time soon.

Anyway, I'm a peanut M&Ms kind of a girl.

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