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It's usually "Monday morning quarterbacking" but the Cleveland Browns played Saturday night and the 2014 National Champions' Florida State Seminoles' QB Jameis Winston took the field Sunday afternoon during "FSU Football Fan Day."

So, after seeing more written about the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks than I imagined I would -- and even a few paragraphs devoted to third-string QB Tyler Thigpen -- I've come to the conclusion that winning isn't anything in the preseason.

It's about assessment. (duh)

After plowing head-first with the ball not once but twice, Johnny Football finally (wisely) took to sliding into second base to end his runs with the football. His throwing was darn accurate but his receivers were a mixed bag. And third-stringer Thigpen looked a lot better than I expected he would.

My overall take-away? I still agree with what Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said a week ago....that he expects Manziel to start when the Browns open the season Sept. 7 in Pittsburgh.

After what I saw Saturday night, Manziel is the real #1 QB and Thigpen is #2. Manziel even looked good with the second string offensive line.

I feel for Hoyer but he just doesn't have what it takes. Now, that being said, Manziel and Thigpen need better receivers. Go find a team with lots of wide receivers and get one or two. I can think of 2 teams with an abundance of wide receivers who would love to catch what Johnny Football can throw.

Like the Nike slogan, just do it. The Browns have 28 days to make that happen, a lifetime in the NFL.

Now, Winston and the Seminoles started out a bit rough Sunday morning. Now if you aren't on Twitter or Facebook, my dear, you may not know what a hashtag is ...or you just may be brilliant and know but not care.

On Sunday morning, FSU's #AskJameisWinston hastag on Twitter was a disaster.

@FSU_Football asked Seminoles fans to submit questions to Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston, and the hashtag quickly went south, according to USAToday's For The Win. The first questions on Twitter were OK but soon tweets went straight to the crab legs joke,like "Lemon butter or garlic butter?"

(If you forgot, Winston was cited in April for leaving at a Publix without paying for them back in April.)

The hashtag began trending nationally before all was said and done. I hope FSU thinks twice next time about putting the reigning Heisman Trophy winner between the crosshairs. (I don't know if you made the trip to Tallahassee on Sunday or not but Winston still looks good.)

In closing, the Browns will do what they have to do to get new Coach Mike Pettine's season off to a great start. All but a few of the pieces and parts are there. Decisions need to be made. And other decisions -- one way or the other -- need deadlines. April 14 is a good deadline to shoot for in one matter, while Labor Day weekend had better see the Browns ready for the Steelers with some spiffy new receivers ready and able to catch the ball.

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