CLEVELAND -- More than a year ago the development known as Uptown opened and it has enjoyed success ever since. The international neighborhood, in a fast growing area of Cleveland, is making other cities a little envious.

See the possible in what's new, what's next and the unique collaboration that is Uptown's secret to success.

University Circle, home to cultural, medical and educational institutions... but something was missing.

"What was missing was a 24 hour life" said Lillian Kuri of the Cleveland Foundation.

Welcome to Uptown, a destination neighborhood that is reenergizing this area of Cleveland.

"This is a developer's dream. Being able to be part of a community that is building a neighborhood" said Ari Maron, a partner in MRN Ltd.

Maron has developed areas like downtown's East 4th Street and Ohio City. And he is bringing what he's learned to Uptown.

"The future of this city are unique catalytic neighborhoods. That are built adjacent to public transit, that are walkable and that are mix use" said Maron.

The project only took 18 months to build, but years to plan. It was the Cleveland Foundation, with support from Case Western Reserve University, that was able to bring the many institutions together so that Uptown would benefit the entire community.

"If we develop this district properly we will be able to attract students. We will be able to attract workers, It will make the institutions more competitive" said Kuri.

"Students are attracted to a really dynamic environment and Uptown really helped use improve our campus" said Barbra R. Snyder, President of Case Western Reserve University.

With new stores and apartments at capacity, developers hope the success continues.

"Phase 2 is under construction. And it's actually twice as tall. It's 85 feet tall. There is going to be a 17 lane bowling alley" said Maron.

"The students are going to love that. We have seen in these urban environments that bowling alleys have come back to popularity and I love the thought there can be a great entertainment venue right there" said Snyder.

And as Uptown grows... another cites are taking notice.

"This isn't like anything we are see across the country, this level of collaboration. So people are coming

from other cities saying 'How did you guys do it? How can we do it?' And I'm lucky I get to travel all the time and tell people how we did it" said Maron.

"I would say I hope you have a Cleveland Foundation who can get everyone around the table. Because that collaboration really makes an enormous difference" said Snyder.

Phase 2 of Uptown will open in 2014. It will include dormitory space for the Cleveland Institute of Art that is constructing a new campus in University Circle.