PARKMAN-- ODW believes theexoticanimal escaped from aPennsylvania game farm over a month ago.

A Geauga County farmer got a big surprise Wednesday morning. While looking out over his fields, he spotted a huge bull elk.

Elk, which are related to deer, are not native to Ohio.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife believe it was an escapee from a Pennsylvania game farm.

Allen Lea, Assistant Wildlife Management Supervisor says the elk wandered through several counties in Northeast Ohio.

"That elk had come from Pennsylvaniainto Ashtabula County, ended up making its way through Ashtabula and into Geauga County."

That's where it met its end.

The farmer whose land it settled on called the ODW to see if it was legal to take the animal. Lea explained, "This animal was able to be killed here in Ohio."

Pen-raised deer and elk have been known to contract chronic wasting disease, among other things, and if they come in contact with wild deer, it could be devastating to Ohio's deer herd.

A sample of the elk's meat was taken for testing. Results won't be known for some time.