CLEVELAND -- A group of Clevelanders lit themselves on fire Saturday for charity and set a new world record at the same time.

A group of 20 people performed full-body burns at Shooters on the River with a crew from Guinness World Records on hand to make things official.

The event was sponsored by Hotcards, a Cleveland based printing company.

"We take a lot of heat in Cleveland as the Burning River City. Yet, it became the catalyst for a lot of Cleveland pride, including environmental movements, breweries, and a whole lot of 'Hot in Cleveland' fame," says Hotcards' CEO John Gadd.

A party was held before the burn to help raise money for the Cleveland Food Bank and Brick by Brick Organization.

Participants included stuntman Ted Batchelor, John Gadd, radio morning show host Archie, Scene Magazine's Jenna Conforti, CEOs from local companies and many others.