This is the weekend where college football loyalties can divide households in a way no other rivalries can. It's the weekend where your alma mater -- or the college team you've decided to align yourself with -- likely faces its biggest rival, a rivalry that has seen better days or a rivalry that still burns white-hot.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, an Ohio State 1974 graduate, has taken the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry a step further. On Friday he signed a resolution declaring Saturday "Scarlet Letter Day," doing away with the letter "M" in Ohio. He wants all Ohio residents to skip using the letter "M" whenever possible on Saturday.

Scarlet and gray are Ohio State's colors.

In part, his resolution read: "Whereas, in the only instance in American history when two states went to war with each other, the state beginning with the letter 'M' lost..." with the letter "M" crossed out in each word.

Now I think that's pretty funny and downright clever.

Ohio State (11-0) is number 3 in the nation, behind number 1 Alabama (11-0) and number 2 Florida State (11-0) and ahead of number 4 Auburn (10-1).

That being said, the Crimson Tide of Alabama is facing another top-seeded team, so this is the chance for Auburn to unseat the Tide and claim a higher spot.

Also know that neither Michigan nor Stanford is ranked and Notre Dame (8-3) comes in at number 25.

There's a lot of #HateWeek trash talk on Twitter and Facebook, and Ohio State flags are flying at homes across Ohio that are already decked out in holiday lights.

I don't know if you have your front yard Santa Claus decorated with scarlet and gray or crimson red and white or maize and blue or burnt orange and navy blue or blue and gold or cardinal and white. I don't know if you have gone all Clark Griswold with your Christmas decorations as usual but have decided to don the white polo shirt with the Alabama "A" and khaki pants to cheer on the Tide.

Maybe some of us have that ratty old Notre Dame sweatshirt that you wear proudly on game day or a Michigan T-shirt that has seen better days. No matter. By the end of the day, there will be winners and there will be least, for this year, you may be happy or terribly disappointed.

But there's always next year. Go Irish. Roll Tide. Go Blue.

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