Movoto Real Estate released its report Wednesday that ranked the safest suburbs in America by analyzing FBI crime statistics for 120 suburbs of America's 50 most populous cities.

To produce this ranking, they relied on a list of 120 places which are the largest suburbs of the 50 most populous cities in the U.S., then applied the same criteria to these suburbs that they have previously used to determine how safe the largest cities within certain states are.

These were: property crimes per capita (burglaries, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts); violent crimes per capita (murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults); and the chances of being the victim of a crime.

Movoto said that, when it comes to the reasons people relocate from big cities to the suburbs, crime is right up there with housing costs, traffic, and overcrowding as major motivators. Eventually, though, these things make their way beyond the city limits, and the suburbs might not actually be the quietest, cheapest, and — maybe most importantly — safest places to be.

Movoto says the safest is Carmel, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. Another Indianapolis suburb, Fishers, was ranked second. Dublin, Ohio ranked fourth.

Check out Parma, Ohio

Here's the whole list:

  • Carmel, IN
  • Fishers, IN
  • Parma, OH
  • Dublin, OH
  • Newton, MA
  • Cary, NC
  • Apex, NC
  • Oro Valley, AZ
  • Cupertino, CA
  • Germantown, TN

Descriptions of all 10 suburbs

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