Young man's body found lying by a telephone pole


MANSFIELD -- Police are investigating after the body of a young man who was found by the side of Hull Road on Saturday morning.

While driving down the street, a 76-year-old man discovered the body leaning against a telephone pole.

The victim was found with his shirt pulled up and his pants down around his knees. There were also visible injuries to the victim's back.

Though the victim had no ID on him, he was carrying an Ohio Direction Card belonging to a woman. When police investigated, they found the owner of the card was incarcerated in Richland County Jail.

Early indications are that the dead young man may have been the incarcerated woman's boyfriend, due to matching tattoo descriptions and similar physical characteristics.

A witness described the dead man as "a teen or twenty-something."

The case is currently being investigated by the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

The identity of the victim and cause of death will be determined by the Richland County Coroner.

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