They're now using sonar to locate the bodies of the two missing men.


OAK HARBOR -- After two days of searching, there is still no trace of the two remaining boaters in Lake Erie near Oak Harbor.

Searchers spent the day combing the waters.

They say the calm winds and sunshine have helped with the search.

They're now using sonar to locate the bodies of the two missing men.

"Now we are looking for things below the surface, good targets on what we can send a diver down which could be one of our victims still missing yet," said Chad German with the Ohio Division of Watercraft.

On Thursday, searchers recovered the bodies of 33-year-old Amy Santus and 16-year-old Paige Widmer.

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Family members told investigators that the four were on a fishing trip and failed to return on Wednesday.

They were in a 21-foot Tracker boat.

Investigators found it partially submerged in the water.

They inspected it late Thursday night but didn't see any obvious damage to explain what happened.

"They had all the gear they needed, which leaves us to believe something happened, obviously unexpectedly, and it happened in a hurry," said German.

Investigators say the four boaters were seasoned fishermen and that the boat met all Ohio safety requirements.

They say the women were wearing life jackets but the temperature of the water is dangerously cold.

"With the temp what it is now, in the low 40's, you can become incapacitated immediately up to an hour. The rate of survival in this weather is three to six hours," said German.

Investigators also have recovered the GPS from the boat.

They are drying it out in order to get an idea of which direction the boat was traveling and if it had to make any fast turns.

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